Will a robot take your job?

Robotics is making a big mark in the industry as a whole. There more and more factories that replace the human workforce with robots. There are many benefits of using robots as a working force. For one, they can work 24/7 without every getting tired. The only thing that you would need to do is regular matinee and that’s it. Also, they don`t have to be paid, this is pretty obvious, but, once that you invest in the robots as workers, with time they will pay out all the money that they have cost the company, and from that point, they will only make money for the company. Directors and CEO-s won`t have to think about salaries for their employees and all potential negative things that come with human employees, like mistakes, sick leave, negative business environment and etc. Now comes the question, is there a real danger that robots will take our jobs? Will all humans in few decades be replaced by robot workers? What will happen to us if this scenario becomes a  reality? This definitely sounds scary for many of us. But should we really be afraid of robots? Or is the future more bright for us? Well, let`s find out.

There is a real chance that robots will replace the human workforce

We need to be realistic, there is definitely a high chance that robots will replace almost all of the human force. There are many reasons for that. Many of which we have already addressed in the previous part of the article. Here, we will go more deeply into the heart of the problem. We as a people are not perfect, each and every one is different from one another. Some of us are more willing to work and do the job correctly. Some of us are lazy, hate our jobs, and don`t do the work in the way in which it should be done. Some people are so sensitive that half of their work time they spend on a sick leave. Some of us are always under a stress and prone to making mistakes in our workplace. There are so many variables that are constantly changing depending on people`s mood, mental and physical status and etc. This does not allow the businesses to have consistently good production of the product that they are making. That is why so many businesses are turning to the robot workforce which would change the way that they run their business. No more sick leaves, no more negativity on the job, no more uncertainty that the product will be finished on time. No more work time, all of those things would become a part of the past for them. And this definitely sounds dangerous for every single person that works in pretty much any type of industry.

Will all of us lose our jobs?

This is definitely a most important question of them all, will all people lose their jobs? While many jobs will be replaced by robots, some of them will never be able to be replaced by robots. For example, jobs that need creativity to be done, jobs that need personality. That kind of jobs will never disappear because people love all of those traits. Robots are not able to do anything creative or with personality, they are just a programmed working machines that do what they are, we could say, told. Maybe one day robots will get to the level of creativity of human being. But we know that people would much more appreciate the creativity of a real person than of some machine. Also, there will always be a need for people who will have oversite over robots. We can`t just let them work and leave them alone. There is always a chance that they could break down. And there should always be someone who will notice the error and fix it. Not all jobs will disappear, but many of them will, that is for sure. While on another hand work industry is changing drastically and 

Robots definitely present a danger for every worker. This could lead to some catastrophic social problems. We should definitely look at it before it happens and try to find the solution to this problem that will come one day. Because if we don`t, who know what will happen to our society.

While on another hand, work industry is changing drastically and we may see that more people are working with digital products and not in traditional workplaces. Which creates more virtual services which robots may not handle so well like human beings. Still, threats are coming with those new innovated works too. One of the biggest and popular topic now is Heckerism. Security business are creating a VPN (virtual private networks) to protect people workplaces, life and personal data. This is a great example of new kind of businesses which this process creates.