The real benefits of technology in healthcare

Technology is in every part of our society. Entertainment, administration, education, healthcare. You name it and you will find some kind of modern technology implement in it. And is technology really beneficial to all of those branches? Definitely, more beneficial that you could imagine. Just think of the times when you need to have huge storage rooms just to store data. Or when it used to take a few days, if not weeks for the mail to come to the right destination. And you would not know if the mail did come to the destination until you would receive mail also which would be, in the end, confirmation that it has come to the original destination. Or think about the times when medical records were written on the paper. How long could it take for the medical staff to find your papers. Now, with just a click of a mouse, they can find your chart and all of your medical history.  Technology is definitely very beneficial for the modern day healthcare. But what are the other ways in which technology is beneficial to the healthcare system? Well, you will find out in this article. So, let`s start.


  1. Faster access to the medical records

As we said at the start of the article, technology has allowed much faster access to the medical records of each patient. With just typing the name of the patient, you would get the access to the to all of his/her`s medical history. There is much less chance for mistakes that could be made by getting wrong medical charts, which, in the end, could lead to catastrophic consequences. This technology also allows you to get the information from any other medical facility in the country, if not, even in the whole world. The speed in which you can get the information in so fast that is not even comparable to the older ways of keeping the medical records. In this field, technology definitely has improved the whole healthcare system.


2.The Internet has become the biggest source of medical information

When the internet was introduced, it has turned the whole world upside-down on its head. The capabilities that have to arise with the introduction of the internet were pretty much endless. Nowadays, you can find pretty much every information online. Anything that is interesting or informative, you will find it online. The same goes for the medical information. The internet has become the biggest medical center in the whole world. You can find information about pretty much any disease or symptoms of diseases, what you can do about them and how to check yourself if there is an option for that. But you definitely need to be careful when you are looking for medical information on the internet. There is a lot of misinformation and false information, a lot of pseudosciences and home medicating propaganda, so you need to be aware of that. Look for medical information from confirmed sources. There is no need to self-checking yourself for some disease, then going to the hospital, and finding out that you got a wrong information from some wannabe medical site. Always check sources and their validity!


3.You can talk to your doctor from the comfort of your home

Modern technology has allowed us to enjoy many things from the comfort of our homes. From

consuming news, movies, food and etc. But one great addition is the capability to contact your doctor from the comfort of your own home.There are many sites and apps that allow you to contact your doctor from the comfort of your home. And if your doctor is tech savvy, you can have a video calls with your doctor through your computer or smartphone. This will, in a way allow your doctor to give you his opinion about what might be wrong with you. And, if there is a need for a more serious check-up, you can manage all of that through the special apps or by after you are done with a video call. This technology has many benefits. One of the most important is that it makes the whole experience more personal and more thoughtful. The patient will really feel that his doctor really does care about you and your health. They really do care about you and your health, but with the amount of work and lines in the waiting room, patients could really feal like they are neglected. But this negates all of those problems. And best of all, you won`t have to waste your time in the waiting room!


4.Better treatment for all patients with less pain

If you ever read about the medicine in the middle ages, heck, even in 19th century, you know how dangerous, brutal and painful it was. How many people died on operating tables because of pain, wrong prognosis, bad surgeon work and etc. But nowadays, that is a part of a past. We have many devices, medications, machines that help us to diagnose and to cure all kind of diseases. In the past, you would have very high chance of dying if your appendices had become inflamed, or worse if it exploded inside your body. But nowadays this problem is just a minor nuisance which can be fixed with a routine operation. We are living in the time in which medicine is as painless as it could be and as effective as it could be. We are really lucky that we are living today. But who knows what kind improvements will future bring.


5.Technology allows doctors to become better at their practice

Nowadays every doctor has a top notch training, there is pretty much no chance that person that is bad at medicine would become a doctor or part of medical staff. With the introduction of modern technology to the medicine, they are becoming even better. There are even VR training tools which allow to every potential future doctor to practice without any chance of harming someone. Technology is definitely a future of medicine, and we need to keep it that way.