Best robot vacuum cleaner-how to choose?

In this modern times, many people don`t have enough free time or time for doing the chores. The 8

hour, 5 day work week just doesn`t leave you with enough time to do all that you must, especially when it comes to cleaning. You will find many filthy apartments and homes, which is really a mistake of the people themselves, they just don`t have time to do it. Especially when it comes to vacuuming the home. Depending on how big your home is, vacuuming can take from 10 to even an hour. Which is a time that you could spend doing something more productive, like spending the time with your loved ones or being occupied with your hobbies. Is there some technology that can help you to spend less time on cleaning your apartment? Well, there is one, and that innovative technology includes robot vacuum cleaners. They are the next big tingly step in how to do we clean and take care of our homes. Sure, robot vacuum cleaners have been on the market for some time, some with good success, and some with not so much. But with the improvement of technology, they have become the viable option as a cleaning solution. Now comes the question, how do you choose the best robot vacuum cleaner? Well, let`s find out.

1.Cost of the robot vacuum cleaner

Robot vacuum cleaners can be quite expensive. Some could cost you around 700$ to 800$, which is the pretty steep price for the product that is only used for one thing. But don`t let this departure you from buying the robot vacuum cleaner. You can definitely find the cheaper robot vacuum cleaner, some that will cost you around 400$ to 500$. But there is a chance that cheaper models would lack some important features that might be „must have“ for some users. And, depending on the cost, the quality of the product might worry. But cheaper does not always mean worse. You need to inform yourself about the product and what it does offer, and, of course, see what other say about the product. This will sway us to the next topic.


2.Quality of the product

Most of the product are relly better than other, and because of that, they are more expensive. But is that a case every time? We can clearly say that it is not. Some robot vacuum cleaners could cost you a real fortune, but that may be just because they are from the established brand. Which does not mean automatically that the product is better than all other competition. You could find cheaper robot vacuum cleaner from the lesser known company, but that product could be much better quality than the already established brand named robot vacuum cleaner. The most important thing is that you need to inform yourself. Quality is what you need to look for, not the brand name. You could get better, the cheaper product just because you didn`t fall under the influence of marketing tricks.


3.Quality of the software

This might be the most important part when deciding on buying the robot vacuum cleaner. The software is pretty much the brain of the whole robot vacuum cleaner. It will allow it to clean on all the places that you need it to. It will prevent it from potential damage caused by hitting the walls or some other objects. Software inside robot vacuum cleaner can literally make or break the product. If you buy the robot vacuum cleaner with bad software, then it will probably do more harm than good inside your home. And the worst thing is that you have to spend a lot of the money on the gadget that does not do the thing that it supposed to.  And no one wants that.


4.Stairs detection

Stairs detection is one of the most important parts of the software that should work perfectly on your robot vacuum cleaner. This part of the software prevents the robot vacuum cleaner tipping over the stairs, and potentially breaking itself because it didn` t detected the stairs in your home. If you want to find a robot vacuum cleaner that has great stairs detection, look to the feedback left by other users.


5.Being able to program invisible wall

This is a very functional option that not all robot vacuum cleaners do a feature. This will allow you to program your robot vacuum cleaner to clean only the part of your home that is in a need of cleaning. It won`t go all around your home and clean places that have already been cleaned or don`t need any kind of cleaning for the time being. So, when you are looking for the robot vacuum cleaner, definitely look for one that features the option of the programmable invisible wall. It will make your life so much easier.



Charging is definitely a very important feature of every robot vacuum cleaner. The capacity of the battery should definitely be very long, considering that you might need the robot vacuum cleaner to vacuum your whole home in only one charge. Preferably, you should buy robot vacuum cleaner that has dedicated charging station and which can go by itself to the charging station when it has a low charge.


7.Programming working times

Every good robot vacuum cleaner should have a capability to be programmed by the user. This will allow you to do other chores without worrying when will your robot vacuum cleaner start to vacuum around your apartment.


8.Detection of dust and small trash.

This is very important when you are considering using the robot vacuum cleaner. Models that don`t have this option will work constantly even when there is nothing to be cleaned. And by doing so, they will waste their battery energy for nothing. While, the robot vacuum cleaners that have detection sensors, they will immediately go to the place where there is dust or small trash on the floor. And they will clean it as without any problem. So, when you are considering to buy robot vacuum cleaner, take this to a consideration.