Are drones really dangerous?

Drones, one of the most popular gadgets that have caught on fire all the world in such a short period of time. In only a few years, from obscurity, they have become one of the most popular gadget/toy on the market. You can find them in all shapes and sizes. From 30 x 30 inches to some that are only 2 x 2 inches or so. You can find cheap ones, with the only remote controller included. But you can also find the ones that have integrated HD camera, the integrated screen on the controller, some of them are even the touchscreens. And they have a much bigger range which they can cover, also they in many cases include software which allows them to come back to the owner if they go too far away from the remote controller (a.k.a the owner). Every single person can buy themselves a drone. But now comes the question. Are drones really dangerous? Is it really a good idea to allow any person to buy the drone for themselves? Do they really present some kind of danger for people or air traffic? Is there a possibility that they could be banned? Or would only some types of drones be banned? Those are all good questions on which not many people have an answer. We are hoping that we will give you a satisfying answer on this questions, and on the most important one. Are drones really dangerous? Well, let`s find out.


What kind of danger could drones present?

This is probably the most important question. What kind of danger could really drone present? Well, for one, they could present a real danger to air traffic. Just think about this. Someone is flying their drone near the airport. That person has an expensive drone that can reach high altitudes and fly for a long time. Now, what if person that operates that drone accidentally puts the drone in on the altitude and flight path of the airplanes? What if that drone collides with the airplane and does major damage to the plane, potentially fatal damage which could cause a potential crash of an airplane. Just because of the operator that was not carefully enough.

And what about the potential of endangering the privacy of the people? What if people would use drones to spy on other people, what if someone would record intimate moments of someone with the help of the drone? Drones are highly portable and very maneuverable, that is why this is such a big problem. Drones could be used by pretty much any person that owns them in that way. Which definitely sounds scary. Millions and millions of drones around the world that could be used in a way that could endanger your privacy and privacy of your loved ones.

Or the biggest danger that drones present. And that is as a flying bombs or delivery system for bombs. There are definitely strong enough drones that could take a pound or few with them in the air and be used as a flying bomb. This would definitely present a big security problem all around the world. Considering that in last few years the number of terrorist attacks has been on a rise. It is not hard to imagine that some terrorist group could use this method to attack and kill innocent people all around the world. Just think what kind of danger could present ten or more drones with explosives planted on them. This is so scary just to think about it. The danger, the panic, the helplessness that this kind attack could cause. This is definitely the biggest danger that drones present to all of us.


Should we ban the use of the drones?

With all of these potential dangers that drones present to people around the world. Should we ban them? Should we remove all of them from the stores and never more allow this kind of product to enter the market?  The simple answer is definitely not. If someone could use some object or gadget for doing the terrible things, that does not mean that the problem is in the product. The problem lies inside the people who are evil and willing to do all that they can to harm another person. Pretty much any object in the world could be used for doing harm to another person. If we think in a way that we need to ban all the objects and gadgets that could potentially be used by terrorists and evil people. Then we would have to ban pretty much everything in the world, smartphones, knives, nails, glass, screwdrivers and etc. You get the point. There is no need for banning the drones, but we should definitely do something that could improve security and usability of the drones in the safe environment.


Regulation of drones

The best way to protect people from all potential dangers of drones is that there should be put some kind of regulation on owning and flying the drones. For example, drones which are very small, have the small flying range and don`t feature any kind of camera and screen. Those should be free to buy and to fly anywhere that you want. But drones that are bigger, stronger, with integrated software and camera, which can lift a hefty amount of weight and have big flying range. For that kind of drones, you should have to get the permit and create regulation which would dictate where, when and how high you can fly your drone. This kind of regulations could definitely prevent many of potential problems of drones themselves.


In the end, are drones really dangerous?

Well, it all depends on who is behind the wheel. If the person is responsible and aware of all dangers and problems that drone could cause, than that drone is not dangerous. But, if you give a drone in a hands of people who are irresponsible, or if some kind of terrorist group gets one for themself, then drone could present a real danger. It is all about the way it will be used, that is what defines the danger of any product. Same goes for drones.